No Fudge Given

No Fudge Given was created after eating some lovely fudge, which I picked up after my hiking trip in the UK, AND after finding out that people don’t seem to give one these days. The other day I picked up my youngest kid from school and I noticed a lady, sitting in her car with the engine running, eating a whole bag of crisps while playing with her mobile phone. When I asked her why she had the engine running, she looked at me like I spoke Chinese. I said: “it’s not helping the environment, you know”. She then told me that she didn’t give a fudge and fished out the last crips crumbs from the bag.

There you have it: the font, the name and the sad truth.

No Fudge Given is a handmade, messy, weirdish font that, when used, will give your designs that übercool ‘I don’t give a fudge’ look… 😉

Get it here:

Fonthaus Fontspring Font Bros YWFT

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